Hi! This is an easy-going food blog documenting the eclectic culinary adventures of Krem. It’s all vegan and currently taking place in Berlin, Germany, but that, like much in life, is subject to change. There will be some recipes, general musings and suggestions, and pictures of exciting market produce.

“Why the name ‘A Long Stretch'”? the curious reader may ask. One reason is that for most people, imagining themselves living on delicious, healthy vegan food is a bit of a stretch. I often get comments or questions about nutrition (yes, I’m getting enough protein) or how I manage to live without cheese (difficult, difficult) or how it’s possible to bake an amazing cake without eggs… In this blog, I hope to address these various hesitations and turn what may appear as limitations into accessible, exciting opportunities.

I also just happen to like the way A Long Stretch sounds and the imagery of a nice, looooong stretch after a nap or during a challenging Iyengar yoga practice. Or a long stretch of road on a mindful run. The name is thus a subtle thread stringing together those activities that I particularly enjoy and aspire to practice regularly and with grace.

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  1. Харесва ми, не бях прочела досега обяснението, а и името ми харесва. На мен ми навява идея за разнообразие – различни неща, от различни места, различни подходи и различни традиции. Тъй като това е блог, може би слагаш неща, които ти харесват само на теб, но би могло да бъде и нещо, което не ти е чак толкоз любимо, но е интересно за хората, които те четат.
    Ще направим компота от дюли, а аз ще направя и сладко.

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